Market Opportunity Sprint

Discover, Evaluate, and Capitalize on New Growth Opportunities

The Market Opportunity Sprint is a structured process that condenses weeks of research and months of uncertainty into just four half-day workshops in two weeks.


It creates a tangible, winning agile focus strategy and clear, actionable steps that will accelerate innovation, enhance product development, and significantly penetrate the market.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Insights (DIY)

Step 4

Potential & Risk

Step 5

Focus Areas

Market Opportunity Sprint: 4 half-day Workshops

Struggling to find new opportunities before the big meeting?

Many teams struggle with exploring and creating new market opportunities in their daily business
  • You feel your team spends too much time on intense market research with no clear results.
  • You're tired of wasting time, money, and effort on endless market research.
  • Evaluating the potential and risk of these opportunities is overwhelming.
  • You're unsure about which of the numerous market opportunities to pursue, causing decision paralysis.
  • Relating these opportunities to your current business strategy and finding the focus that matter most is a struggle.

Why run a Market Opportunity Sprint?

Market Opportunity Sprint answers these questions for your business:
  • Are there any untapped market niches that align with your organization's strengths?
  • How can one effectively evaluate and compare various market opportunities to identify the most suitable ones to prioritize in strategic planning?
  • How can your organization effectively adapt and pivot to capitalize on identified market opportunities?

Market Opportunity Sprint Results

Tangible outcomes you get from the Market Opportunity Sprint

Common understanding and commitment to the decision made

New and potential market opportunities for your competences and abilities.

Assessment of all relevant market opportunities

A focus agile strategy that lets you adapt.

You have developed a clear strategy for success  

You have the clarity and confidence of what opportunities are most relevant for the future.
  • With this streamlined process for evaluating and prioritizing opportunities, you can enter new markets more swiftly and efficiently.
  • The agile focus strategy makes your business more adaptable to changes, allowing you to pivot quickly in response to market dynamics.
  • Comprehensive insights and risk assessments allow for data-driven decisions, reducing uncertainty and enhancing confidence in your strategic choices.
  • Your team is now unified and aligned with a common vision and clear strategic priorities, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone is working towards the same objectives.
  • The sprint has provided you with a focused approach, enabling you to prioritize your efforts on the most impactful opportunities quickly, optimizing resource allocation and maximizing ROI.

How does the Market Opportunity Sprint work?

Align, Discover, Evaluate, and Act

In the Market Opportunity Sprint, the group aligns on the core competencies. Together, we uncover the relevant market opportunities, evaluate them based on your priorities, and define the strategic focus areas and first actions to take.

It replaces fluffy sky-castles with clarity and tangible action.

Workshop 1

(1 half-day)

Define Competences

Introduction to the method. Get to know the team. Collect, select, and align on the TOP core competences

Workshop 2

(1 half-day)


Collect together with outsiders many dozens of possible market opportunities and screen them based on defined criteria.

DIY Research

(Time slot 5 days)

Gathering Insights

Your team is gathering insights on the relevant market opportunities

Workshop 3

(1 half-day)

Potential & Risk

Evaluate the potential and challenge for each remaining market opportunity and select the relevant ones.

Workshop 4

(1 half-day)

Focus Areas

Relate the opportunities to your current business and define the agile focus strategy incl. actions to take.

Week 1

Week 2

Proven Framework for Market Success

Trusted by Thousands, Backed by Rigorous Research

The Market Opportunity Sprint is built on the Market Opportunity Navigator Method, which is:

  • Based on +15 years of rigorous academic research
  • Adopted by thousands of companies and institutes worldwide
  • Officially added to the Lean Startup tool set

This proven framework ensures that your strategy is grounded in reliable, evidence-based methods, giving you the confidence to explore and capitalize on new market opportunities effectively.

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