For Mid-sized Industrial Companies

Transform your Ideas into Market-ready Innovations

  • Validated product ideas that are based on customer insights, not dreams
  • WITHOUT months of customer research and an uncreative idea management
  • Clear results by structured and professional facilitated workshops and sprints

You've often thought about refining your product development process, BUT...

You have no idea how to find, structure, and validate the best ideas, including the business model, in a structured and objective manner. The whole process feels overwhelming, complex and way too often to subjective.

Your schedule is packed, causing stress. You want to invest your time and energy in your area of expertise, your family, and your hobbies, not in lengthy and exhaustive market research.

The thought of hiring a consultancy or going through this process again gives you anxiety because you or your colleagues have had bad experiences in the past.

Together, We'll Secure Your Innovation Success

You are an expert in your field, Head of R&D, Innovation manager, business developer, product owner, or an entrepreneur with an incredibly deep knowledge of your industry and profession.

I am Florian Hameister, your innovation process guy, dedicated to helping medium-sized industrial companies like yours thrive in the early stages of product development.

With 10 years of experience, I specialize in guiding teams through the complexities of idea validation, customer validation, and market validation. My background in engineering and economics, 10 years in product development, almost 20 years in mid-sized companies and extensive expertise in moderating workshops and sprints ensure that we can transform your product ideas into actionable strategies.

Together, we will become the ultimate innovation team, creating a robust process that turns your ideas into market-ready solutions.

Are you ready to take your product development to the next level?

Questions I Get Frequently

What services do you offer?

I deliver premier services in product strategy, innovation, workshop design and facilitation, and practical innovation training tailored for businesses. My focus is on helping you develop products or services that meet genuine customer needs, fostering innovation-driven growth. I strive to empower teams to excel without depending on luck or flashes of brilliance. Additionally, I am here to provide ongoing consultancy for any questions you might have following our workshops or training sessions.

Why me?

Navigating the early phases of product development can be daunting without the right guidance. My workshops and sprints are designed to be structured, human-centered approaches to practical and innovative problem-solving. However, without an expert to guide you through critical decisions and offer valuable perspectives, these processes can easily go off track.

Drawing on over a decade of hands-on experience in the fields of product development, innovation, and strategy, I bring real-world expertise from both medium-sized industrial companies. I had the same challenges when working in product development, I understand your situation deeply and can empathize with your struggles. I am dedicated to helping you succeed by providing genuine added value and ensuring the highest quality in every aspect of our collaboration.


How does the process look like?

After getting to know each other, we have a free Discover Call, where we define your challenges, expectations and options.
All my sprints have a defined timeline of 2-12 weeks to guarantee you fast results and success. When we agreed to work together, we define the start and the needed workshop dates, including the final Handover.


What do you have to invest?

The height of your investment depends on the selected service. All my service have a fixed price, may adding travel costs.

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Ready to Elevate Your Product Development to the Next Level?