GAVIOTAS – a village to reinvent the world


Gaviotas - book

Short description:

The Incredible Story of a living utopia They had no money, just an idea. They founded a thriving village called Gaviotas - in the middle of nowhere. Here, people are entirely self-sufficient, generate renewable energy, treat water, and develop environmentally friendly machines. Bestselling author Alan Weisman tells the incredible story of a lived utopia where people are in perfect harmony with living in nature: sustainably and happily.

What I like about it:

Three main things that fascinated me:
1. It shows what humans can do when there is a higher purpose than money. How collaboration works when everyone is pulling in the same direction.

2. How blind we became to all nature's gifts for us endlessly when we work with nature, not against it. 

3. The resilience to adapt to the circumstances and the innovative mindset to create new sustainable ideas.

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