Design Thinking is not delivering what is promised

Design Thinking is not the innovation enabler, as some may see it. For me, two important things are missing in Design Thinking:

1️⃣ The Business Thinking
You can have the best idea. If you do not have your organization's support, it will end up in the drawer.
Understanding the business needs, the connection to the business outcomes, and the involvement of the decision-makers is essential for internal support—the basis for possible implementation.

2️⃣ Understanding customers deeply
Design Thinking is a lot about empathy. In my experience, it is done mainly too rough on the surface, and we drift off too fast in our assumptions.
To deeply understand what customers need to make progress, it needs more professional research, like the jobs-to-be-done approach.

This is less about the theoretical approach but more from what I saw, how teams and companies used design thinking.

I also found this interesting article from the MIT Technology Review that also had a critical look at Design Thinking. Please have a look at it here.

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