A poor outcome quality challenges the effectiveness of your innovation process.

I help you to find the RIGHT product idea and validate it with a structured and proven process.

Do you recognize these pain points, that are behind a poor outcome quality?

  • Every idea is important
  • Short-term siloed thinking and acting
  • Product-focused ideation
  • Excessive opinion-based decision-making
  • Every time the process is a little bit different

With my process, you get instead: 

  • A clear prioritization based on business outcomes and customer value
  • The right diverse team
  • Simple objective evidence-based decision-making
  • A structured process with clarity that is fast and efficient
  • Alignment of stakeholders
  • Customer-focused Ideation
  • Clear probability of success to understand the risk 

This means as outcome

  • Say goodbye to endless brainstorming sessions and hello to a streamlined approach that guarantees success.  You zero in on the most promising ideas and ensures your company stays ahead of the game.
  • Say goodbye to wasted time, effort, and money in product development - Instead you eliminate the need for risky bets and have a secure path to success. 
  • Make smart, confident product development choices with me by your side.

What others say


Florian is probably the best support you can get if you still struggle with what ideas you want to execute.

Lars Behrendt - Innovation Expert

If you are looking for a fast way to get clarity for your business case, I recommend Florian's Business Case Reality Check.

Cristhian Soto - Innovation professor

Florian is very knowledgeable on the topic of innovation, and he has a very structured approach. I would highly recommend his services or any course that he would run.

Karen Luyt - Consultant at BCX

Florian is an awesome facilitator. He is technically savvy in doing online facilitation and is able to guide those who were technically challenged. He takes the experiment-reflect-learn-improve way of doing things. Totally unflustered when things do not work exactly how they should go and quickly finds a solution to get back on track. Highly recommend him for any online facilitation workshop.

Our team worked with Florian to master online innovation tools and processes. Florian’s grasp of the concepts and the way to deliver them to the team was superb. He was always available for comment/questions on WhatsApp and also via email. The sessions were always on time, engaging and insightful. Can’t say enough good things about his energy, skills and training. A++

As an innovation facilitator with a lot of experience in product development, Florian is the right address if you want to find the best product ideas.

Florian led several online innovation workshops in which I participated. These were the best online workshops I have ever experienced. Florian masters many online tools, is patient, explains the process in a visual and clear way, connects with the whole group, feels the need, creates a lot of energy, and is flexible but never loses sight of the workshop's goal. If you want to achieve great results in a fun and energetic workshop, I can highly recommend Florian as an online facilitator.

How I can help

You can not prevent failure, me either, but I can help you to fail early and cheap.

Teaching you

You like to know how to create a simple, effective structured process with clarity and a prioritization for finding the RIGHT ideas.

Delivering for you

You like to get the stuff done.
I guide you through the processes, you can focus on your expertise and contribute the content. Together we find the RIGHT ideas.

Supporting you

You like to get a different, an outside perspective on certain things in your innovation process. 

About me

All the struggles with finding the right product to develop, I experienced myself in my corporate life in a midsized industrial company.
That is why I am helping now companies and teams to find the RIGHT products for their development pipeline.
I am a father of two, married and a guy from the coast that got resident in Kassel, in the middle of Germany about 15 years ago.
I studied engineering and economics as well as innovation management. I am a qualified PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt, a trainer and workshop facilitator.