Make confident market decisions

on where to play
As the innovation process guy, I help you find and focus on the right market opportunities, guiding you with the Market Opportunity Navigator.
Common understanding and commitment to the decision made.
An agile strategy that lets you adapt.
Finding new and potential market opportunities for our abilities.

Struggling to find the best markets or focusing?

You are tired of playing target market roulette.

You are afraid of wasting time, money, and effort on the wrong ones.

You are juggling with too many opportunities, and it feels impossible to prioritize.

You are worried about the consequences if the chosen market opportunity does not work.

You deserve better

An ally for the process.

So you can focus fully on your expertise.

I'm Florian Hameister, starting my corporate life in New Product Development; I banged my head against the wall hard and often. It hurt and was no fun.

Then I learned, reflected, and discovered methods, tools, and techniques that helped me to break through it.

My mission is to share this better way for New Product Development. I help product managers find customer-focused ideas that align with their organization so that they can bring them to market with confidence!

I help your team find the right market opportunities, so you know where to start focusing on which customer segments.

The Market Opportunity Navigator 

The Market Opportunity Navigator and its three guiding worksheets will help you turn this critical choice into a manageable process.


your abilities and market opportunities for your business 


and compare options systematically


opportunities for a clear strategic focus

Overcome your challenge with this proven framework

Based on +15 years of rigorous academic research

Adopted by thousands of companies and institutes worldwide

Officially added to the Lean Startup toolset

Leave your frustration behind.

Help your Innovation team focus on the right market opportunities, instead of poking around in the dark


Florian is very knowledgeable on the topic of innovation, and he has a very structured approach. I would highly recommend his services or any course that he would run.

Karen Luyt Consultant at BCX

If you are looking for a fast way to get clarity for your business case, I recommend Florian's Business Case Reality Check.

Cristhian Soto Innovation professor

As an innovation facilitator with a lot of experience in product development, Florian is the right address if you want to find the best product ideas.

Florian is an awesome facilitator. He is technically savvy in doing online facilitation and is able to guide those who were technically challenged. He takes the experiment-reflect-learn-improve way of doing things. Totally unflustered when things do not work exactly how they should go and quickly finds a solution to get back on track. Highly recommend him for any online facilitation workshop.

Our team worked with Florian to master online innovation tools and processes. Florian’s grasp of the concepts and the way to deliver them to the team was superb. He was always available for comment/questions on WhatsApp and also via email. The sessions were always on time, engaging and insightful. Can’t say enough good things about his energy, skills and training. A++

Florian is probably the best support you can get if you still struggle with what ideas you want to execute.

Lars Behrendt Innovation Expert

We wanted to structure our idea and innovation process more simply and clearly.
Florian showed us how to further develop a potential idea, validate it, cluster it, and evaluate it.
We were surprised by how complex such an idea-generation process actually is. The new structure helped us a lot to move through this process.
I couldn't imagine before how to structure the process to make it usable and transparent for many. However, Florian's presentation, his templates, and the shared experience showed that it is possible after all!
Florian has a relaxed, witty, and purposeful way of conducting the workshop. I especially enjoyed working through the idea sketches with my own team.
I recommend the collaboration to anyone who wants to rethink their idea or innovation concept and think outside the box of old, familiar methodologies.

Florian led several online innovation workshops in which I participated. These were the best online workshops I have ever experienced. Florian masters many online tools, is patient, explains the process in a visual and clear way, connects with the whole group, feels the need, creates a lot of energy, and is flexible but never loses sight of the workshop's goal. If you want to achieve great results in a fun and energetic workshop, I can highly recommend Florian as an online facilitator.

How to Get Started

3 simple steps to get your best ideas to market
1. Identify your needs through a Discovery Call

A video call with Florian to uncover what issues you face with your organization

2. Create your best ideas through the Innovation Framework Modules

Work with Florian on the Focus-Areas of the Innovation Framework to find your best product idea and Business Model.

3. Develop your product and bring it out on the market

Use the results as a basis for your product development, and bring your best product idea to the market, faster, cheaper, and with a higher success certainty.

Still not convinced?

Can you afford to bring mediocre products to the market?


90% of new product fail on the market, mainly because it is not designed for customer progress


Mediocre ideas take away valuable resources, time and money in product development and do not deliver


The best ideas get killed by a subjective unstructured innovation process

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